AGAPE ABLAZE is the young adult ministry of the Agape House Canada that equips young adults to declare, communicate, and demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the Kingdom of GodAgape AGAPE ABLAZE is filled with a power worship experience coupled with a life-changing word from God, and a wonderful opportunity for young adults to fellowship. AGAPE ABLAZE is led by……….christopher &Linda steeves

Who attends AGAPE ABLAZE?
AGAPE ABLAZE is comprised of college students, young professionals, singles, and married couples of  Agape House Canada of Moncton , as well young adults from across  New Brunswick.

AGAPE ABLAZE Foundation?
AGAPE ABLAZEis built on five bricks: Leadership, Strong Biblical Teaching, Evangelism, Durability, and Diversity.

What is the After party?
Following AGAPE ABLAZE, the after party is a fellowship opportunity for young adults to interact at a specific location in the city of  Moncton.  This includes restaurants, amusement parks, bowling alleys, skating rings, movie theatres concert halls, and poetry slams, etc.   The Afterparty will be announced immediately following AGAPE ABLAZE.

Where do we meet?
AGAPE ABLAZE meets on Friday nights at 7:15PM
How do I make an appointment for AGAPE ABLAZE? 
To make an appointment send an email to……..
How can I become a AGAPE ABLAZE ?
Visit us our email: check for weekly updates and cancellations call our information line at