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The Little Foxes that Spoil the Vine

I am thrilled and honored to bring this Sermon this morning. We have come a long way the past few months. The devil threw all he had at us last year. He came in like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He made as much noise as he possibly could. Yet, we have stood with the Help and Grace of God. There is a message that we need to hear and understand this morning as we march boldly into the battfild. We need to be careful and understand that the devil will begin to change his tactics and come against the Church. He has only departed for a season. I believe God would have us in position to understand what is still before us.

The fascinating love story in Solomon’s song contains many intriguing pictures. One is of a beautiful vineyard in early spring. The vines, however, are threatened by little foxes that come in to eat the tender grapes before they are ripe. Thus comes the plea to capture (“take”) the foxes and prevent them from spoiling the vineyard. An obvious spiritual application is to the subtle danger of so-called “little sins” that undermine a believer’s love and service for his Lord. If it goes unchecked it gives the adversary just enough room to come in an destroy the vines.

Solomon calls to our attention that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine. This appears to be a warning to you and me. It is the little things in life that get us down — minute – microscopic that commence to destruct our homes – destroy our relationships — stagnate our local churches. Perhaps we spend necessary time praying and are prepared when Satan enters as a roaring Lion, we are equipped with our spiritual armour, we expect that – However, when Satan arrives as a Little Fox – little situation – we find we are not adequately prepared. I know that sounds like a Contradiction, but I encourage you to stay with me this morning.