– The gifts and the calling


1.  Embrace the fact that you are called and gifted.

We could talk all day about your gifts never going away, but that won’t help if you never thought of yourself as gifted or called in the first place.  So often in Church World we limit our view of gifts and calling to things that take place on a stage or behind a micro-phony.

What a waste.

To say you aren’t gifted is to make the Father a liar, the Son a time-waster, and the Spirit an idiot who plays favorites.  The fact is, you are gifted, whether you or anybody else recognizes that or not.  And the quicker you embrace that truth, the sooner you can get about exploring – and using – those gifts in ways that serve and save the world and expand the Kingdom.

2.  Don’t screw it up.

Sorry.  I couldn’t think of a nicer way to say this and be clear.

Every gift or calling has its potential for undermining your credibility to use it.  For example, the children of Israel were called out from the nations to be a holy nation, separated unto God. The potential undermining influence:  idolatry.

Yep.  They blew that one.  Repeatedly.