It’s so vital to receive what God wants to freely give you!  It’s simple, but so many people believe exactly the opposite. Instead of receiving from the Lord, their mindset is, “God has better things to do than think about me,” or “I don’t deserve God’s blessing” or “Everything good always happens to somebody else but not me.”

I know it’s easy to feel that way, but don’t let your heart and your words go there; don’t agree with this way of thinking.God is for you!And He desires for you to have every blessing and every good thing that He promises to you in His Word.
The Bible calls this “favor.” At some point in our lives, even if we didn’t recognize it, we have all experienced God’s favor.Favor is the undeserved, unearned, unexplainable goodness of God in your life.Favor causes you to reap even where you’ve not sown.
Favor protects you; it promotes you. It opens new doors — that should’ve taken years to open — in a single moment.Favor takes you places you could never go on your own.
I declare today over your life that in the coming days and weeks ahead, God will unleash His unprecedented favor on you. Favor like you’ve never seen before.Unprecedented means “unmatched, unparalleled, for the first time.” You’ve seen God’s favor in your life in the past, but what He’s about to do is bigger and even greater.You just have to be willing to receive it and get in agreement with God.If you will believe God and stand on the promises of His Word, He promises you that you will see incredible and wonderful things in this year of.
His unmatched, unparalleled, favor.
Jessica and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate you. You are one of the many ways that God has poured His goodness into our lives.
Through your faithful prayers and generous support,

Brace yourself as you read this teaching on Favor!

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