mike jessica

Michael and Jessica are the pastors of Agape House Canada. As Pastors they are passionate about leading others into the freedom and fullness that we have In Christ Jesus. By their lives they demonstrate the unconditional love of God. They will establish you firmly in the Word; challenge you to press in deeper for an ever-increasing experience of God; and release you into the call and Kingdom destiny for your life!.As Leaders they live with a servant’s heart, they have a clear sense of the prophetic destiny and the five fold Ministry into which God has called them  to raise a generation who will be a voice to the nations! To change the hearts and minds of  those who have been called to be pacesetters in this country!  Their desire is to identify, encourage, mentor and support the ministries of others who God is bringing to Agape House.Michael & Jessica both have a deep hunger for studying the word and they carry an  anointing from God to impart truth and revelation knowledge of the Kingdom of God.They understand the importance of prayer being the foundation of ministry and how pray can impact a nation.