Joseph’s dream led him to his destiny. He moved beyond the problems of the now into the promises of the next. Many of Joseph’s now moments would have caused many to give up on the next. Joseph was able to see beyond the now. Your dream is the hope that fuels your passion through the problems of the now.
The word of God explains it this way. The dream pushes you toward your ultimate destiny (purpose) for being placed on this earth. Joseph’s dream in actuality was a very small part of the big picture. Joseph’s dream was for his brothers to bow before him but to his destiny was to use his influence & power to save the world. The dream of his brothers was an insignificant part of his destiny. Sure the brothers eventually bowed before him but that was not his destiny. The bowing (dream) is the result of his destiny (purpose) being fulfilled.

Your dream is not your destiny but it will lead you to it.

Your dream is about you but your destiny is about others. Joseph’s dream was about people bow to him but the dream left out the why� they were bowing. The why� is our destiny. Like a carrot in front of a stubborn mule that motivates him to move, our dreams are Gods carrot to keep us moving toward our destiny